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Welcome to the website of Odense Katedralskole 

Odense Katedralskole, the old school of Odense, is located in the centre of the city.

Odense Katedralskole has a “gymnasium” (upper secondary school) and an “hf” (higher preparatory course). It is attended by 725 students - young people between 16 and 20 years of age.

Our students come from both town and country because the school is easy to reach from most parts of Funen. So everyday life at the school is spiced with the diversity of the students. And with the cultural life of the city, of course, as all the opportunities of the city are within easy reach.

The location of Odense Katedralskole in the centre of Odense makes for varied schooling and provides a dynamic basis for educational development.

Odense Katedralskole is one of the very oldest in the country. Its history goes back more than 725 years.

History has left its stamp on our everyday life: the school is steeped in tradition. A visit to the school’s old library or a glance at the school magazine - the oldest in the country - can give you a first impression of OK’s traditions.

The long history of Odense Katedralskole provides a solid educational foundation. The dynamic multiplicity of our culture and the robust tradition of our history have left their stamp on gymnasium and hf at Odense Katedralskole.

You are welcome to contact the school and to pay it a visit. Every year the school has between 5 and 10 exchange students from various parts of the world.

Lone Bjørndal Thomsen, headmistress